CGI University Network 2016


Clinton Global Initiative Conference 2016.

CGI University Network 2016 Annual Meeting


Three Kean University student teams, under the leadership of Drs. Norma Bowe, Claire Mulry and Dongyan Mu, were selected by CGI U to participate in the 2016 annual meeting.

The 2016 Commitment Information

Project Title: Changing the Landscape for Peace
Faculty: Dr. Norma Bowe
Student Researchers: Joseph Lentini, Jillian Mahon and Gabrielle Ardolino
Focus Area: Peace and Human Rights
Location of the Project: Prishtina, Kosovo, Albania

Project Description: This commitment to action is grounded in the Broken Windows Theory. By creating vertical gardens in challenged areas, the team intends to address food justice, social justice, and the lasting effects of war. They will study the therapeutic effects of garden creation and how these pocket parks can help restore a community. We hope to make vertical gardens adaptable to many diverse                                                                                                                                          climates and environments.

Project Title: Let’s Go Bigger
Faculty: Dr. Claire Mulry
Student Researchers: Christina Papetti, Julian De Martinis and Mark Ravinsky
Focus Area: Public Health
Location of the Project: Trenton, New Jersey

Project Description: This commitment to action targets underserved older adult populations by implementing the “Let’s Go” occupational therapy community mobility program throughout multiple urban areas in New Jersey. “Let’s Go Bigger” will provide older adults who have physical disabilities or mobility concerns with the support and tools necessary to facilitate engagement in community mobility. The goal is to expand the reach of this healthcare program to evaluate its efficacy and to promote the emotional and physical well-being of older adults by educating participants about the importance of community mobility, its relationship to health and wellness, and awareness of alternative mobility options.

Project Title: Organic Multicultural Vegetable Garden
Faculty: Dr. Dongyan Mu
Student Researchers: Karen Pina, Jessica Frago and Sarah Khalil
Focus Area: Peace and Human Rights
Location of the Project: Union, New Jersey

Project Description: This team is committing to establish an organic multicultural vegetable garden in the Liberty Hall Farm located in Union County, Team members will work with students from immigrant and refugee families to plant vegetables with various cultures and ethnic backgrounds by using compost produced from food wastes on campus. Vegetable harvests will be used in student’s dining halls and cafeteria and/or donated to local immigrant and refugee families. Activities proposed are expected to increase mutual understanding and communications, help young immigrants and refugees merge into local communities, and enhance sustainability at Kean University.