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Awards Presentation 11:30 AM – STEM Atrium

Undergraduate Student Research Award

Presentation of the 2017 Undergraduate Student Research Award, recognizing excellence in undergraduate research or creative work.

3 Minute Thesis Competition

Presentation of 1st place, Runner up, and People`s Choice Awards for 2017

Dr. li

Since joining Kean in the Department of Computer Science (CS) in 2013, Dr. Juan (Jenny) Li  has shared her expertise with Kean students in a number of ways.  In addition to one-on-one research mentoring which has led to 10 co-authored publications with undergraduate students, her mentored student research teams were been selected for the prestigious Council for Undergraduate Education’s Posters-on-the-Hill event  in 2016, where her student Yulia Rossikova received the award for Best Student Research, selected from over 100 posters nationally.

In 2017, Dr. Li worked with Kean undergraduates to build a chapter for computer science women (Association for Computing Machinery – Women ACM-W).  Her students, under her direction, developed a proposal for seed funding, which was awarded by the National Center for Women and Information Technology with a Seed Fund Grant, recognizing the efforts of her team to build and expand female students in CS and IT.  Many of these students are also collaborating with Dr. Li on research.

In 2016, Dr. Li worked with Trinity College to bring mobile computer science principles coursework to Kean, hosting the event during the summer.  Her undergraduate students were invited to attend and participate with CS educators from the region, inspiring the students to consider research careers.  She received a Google Computer Science for High School (CS4HS) grant in support of her work with teachers and students.

During the summer Dr. Li supervises student research, as well as working with her research teams during the academic year.  Her research focus is on machine learning and artificial intelligence, two areas of critical importance to fields such as cyber security and health informatics.  In support of Kean’s work with Union County College in the STEMPact grant Dr. Li collaborated with students from UCC and Kean during the summers of 2016 and will do so again this coming summer.

Recently she encouraged students to practice their interviewing skills with her, which for a CS/IT major, often includes writing code on a whiteboard while interviewers observe.  She successfully mentored two of her fall semester students, leading to an offer of an FBI Internship for one and a Google Interview for another.

Her mentoring, whether one on one, in a group or in the classroom is encouraging, positive, and inclusive.  She serves as a dynamic, energetic model for everyone at Kean.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is pleased to congratulate Kean University’s Faculty Research Mentor for the Year 2017, Dr. Jenny Li!


Naomi is a senior, majoring in sustainability science.  She works on multiple research projects while maintaining a 4.0 GPA, placing her in the top 1% of students at Kean.  Naomi shows enthusiasm for all subjects and has remarkable skills in math, logical reasoning, reading and writing, often taking a leadership role in group projects.

Naomi has been a well-disciplined and self-motivated researcher on  her research team and often works creatively in many research projects. In  summer 2016, Naomi went to Central China Normal University (CCNU) to work on a project to examine the water quality in local farms and evaluate water quality changes caused by agriculture activities in China. Naomi created the plan to collect water samples and took the lead in preparing labs and testing samples. She also proposed to compare monoculture and polyculture farming techniques as one of her research objectives.

Naomi presented her research at the 2016 Research Days at Kean with classmate Jessica Frago and was selected as the winner of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Kean University Chapter 2016 Student Paper and Project Contest.  The project was also selected by the NJ Tech Council to present in the Summer Intern Research Program Presentations in Philadelphia.  In 2015 she participated in the Research and Technology Colloquium at Kean.

Having already published in a professional journal and with two manuscript in progress, Naomi continuously shows a dedication to her research.   She presented “Life Cycle Assessment of Bottled Water: A Case Study of Green2O Products” at the New Jersey Tech Life Science Summer Symposium in 2016.

Her strong analytic ability, attention to details, open-mindedness and strong commitment to work have made Naomi a highly regarded research partner to Dr. Mu.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is pleased to name Naomi Horowitz as Kean Univerity’s Undergraduate Student Researcher of the Year for 2017!


Kean University 2017

Three-Minute Thesis Competition

First Prize $500

Runner up $200

People’s Choice $100

Students writing a Master’s Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation are eligible to participate

The competition will be conducted through tournament-style judging of the best three-minute live presentation of thesis research. The tournament will be held as part of University Research Days on Monday, April 24.

Register by March 1, 2017 at:
See demonstrations (3MT Showcase) at

“Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic competition developed by The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia”