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Faculty research mentors provide undergraduate students with an early exposure to research activities. Through participation at the discovery and inquiry level on a faculty-student mentored research team, research Recruits gain valuable experience and research skills that can lead to a more positive academic experience, increased retention, and paths to careers and graduate school.

Mentor Requirements: The Faculty Mentor is expected to assume the primary responsibility for insuring the student has a quality research experience by orienting the student to the particular project and providing research training.

Peer advisors who with the Research Recruits and provide general orientation, regularly scheduled training, and liaison between faculty mentors and students. Faculty Mentors are encouraged to engage Research Recruits in conversations about their current academic experience and career interest. Peer advisors can then help the Research Recruit to make the best use of other University resources.

Submitting or Renewing a Project: If you are interested in working with students, please contact the us for more information about the program and to submit your project application.

Funding: Small research grants, of up to $500 per student, to cover the cost of materials, lab supplies, and low-cost equipment directly related to the research project and needed to support  student activities, maybe available. Contact the ORSP office for an application form.

Undergraduate Research Grants: Kean University is the recipient of several federal grants that support faculty-mentored undergraduate research. Some of these grants may have openings for faculty interested in working with undergraduate students. Some summer research programs may also have openings for faculty. See below for a brief summary of current grants and summer programs. Contact the Grant Director or the ORSP office for more information.

LSAMP: Students must be enrolled as an undergraduate pursuing a degree in STEM majors such as: architecture, business management with supply chain and information management option, mathematics, computer science, biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, meteorology, geology, or sustainability science. Students receive a stipend for participating in faculty-mentored research. Dr. Wolde Woubneh, Program Coordinator

STEMpact: The STEMpact Project is a collaboration between Union County College and Kean University. The STEMpact Project has a primary goal of improving retention, graduation and transfer rates among Hispanic and low-income students in STEM and Education fields who complete an associate’s degree and then go on to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, well-prepared to enter the 21st century workforce in STEM and teaching careers. The STEMpact summer academy matches interested students with faculty mentors for an intensive summer research experience that can continue throughout the academic year. Cassandra Davis, Grant Director

Group Summer Scholars Research Program (GSSRP): This is a 6-week, hands-on research experience aimed at attracting and developing talented students who are interested in pursuing an education in a STEM field.  Upon entering the program students are divided into small research teams that are paired with a faculty mentor conducting actual scientific research.  Students learn how to conduct basic and applied research during this program and develop a true appreciation of the scientific research process while contributing first hand to the acquisition of new scientific knowledge.  Dr. Michael Tocci, Program Director

Upward Bound: A six-week residential summer program for high school students interested in college. All students participate in intensive technological and research-based science and math courses under the direction of an experienced faculty member. A Science Seminar course is offered to Upward Bound seniors who have completed their school requirements in physics, chemistry, and biology. The course is taught by several professors in the College of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences, who conduct one-week college style seminars focusing on their area of expertise. The professors provide lectures and labs for the students focusing on geology, meteorology, earth science, zoology, earth science, and forensics. Veronica Jackson, Grant Director



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